Kiteboarder ⎜ Wakeboarder ⎜ Photographer

Julien Zgraggen is a 38-year-old graphic designer with a professional career in commercial graphics, lettering and exhibition design.

In 2011, he established his own Company Linkis Sàrl (www.linkis.ch) with a partner.

With a solid entrepreneurship caracter, he has created in 2004 a kite school at the lake of Como, called Kite4you.

Then in 2005, KEA spirit of wet element was born : a brand of streetwear collection for men and women, high quality, resistant, with specific graphics inspired by the feeling of fun and freedom given by the practice of such sports.

Willing to share his passion with riders worldwide,  Keaspirit website became his window to communicate his sensibility and creativity , with photographies and videos of the numerous locations and spots he was and continue to be.

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